All American

For those who are a little more advanced in online video poker, look no further than All American video poker, which is largely based on Jacks and Better. However, there are a few variations on the theme, which will be covered here and which help make All American Video Poker an intriguing proposition for those looking for something a little different. This version of poker is becoming more and more popular in land-based casinos and often sees players quite literally lining up for their place at the table, principally because of its generous paytable compared to other versions of the famous game. However, the beauty of the online version, of course, means that players no longer have to wait in line. Payouts in All American Video Poker are made in the following instances of winning hands: Flush, Straight and Full House. There are also larger than average payouts for Straight Flushes, as well as Four of a Kind. It should be noted that these higher payouts for rarer hands come at a cost. Therefore, there are lower payouts for a few lower hands in the game, namely Two Pair and a Full House.
How to Play
Because of the different paytable options offered by this version, players of All American video poker will need to adjust their normal strategy in order to better take advantage of the payout weightings. And, of course, players would do well to take advice from the professionals who suggest that it is always a better strategy to continue playing hands rather than opting to split them thinking a better hand is coming. Therefore, if you do not land a Straight Flush, Royal Flush or a Four of a Kind, then it advisable to go for one of the following options instead: 1) Keep hold of a Three of a Kind, 2) Keep hold of a Two of a Kind, 3) Hope for a Full House, 4) Hold on to four cards in the hopes of landing a Straight Flush without any gaps, 5) Hold on to three suited cards, 6) Stick with a Two Pair and see what else comes up, 7) Hold on to four cards with a view to getting a Royal Flush, 8) Hope for a Flush, 9) Hope for a Straight, 10) Hold on to four cards with a view to getting a Straight Flush that allows for only a single gap.

Tap Into Your Warrior Spirit To Fight For Big Prizes

The Romans have contributed a great deal to our history and civilization. But they will, perhaps, be most remembered for the bloody and often violent gladiatorial battles that took place inside the hallowed ground of the colosseum. Men, and sometimes groups of warriors, would battle it out to win popularity, and more importantly, the benevolence of the emperor. For only he could decide whether a warrior lived or not.

The battles of colosseum are back in the form of a thrilling online slot, Call of the Colosseum, where you get to put on your best warrior costume and battle it out for handsome rewards.

How To Play
The video slot is all about taking your chances and rubbing the royalty the right way. There are high value symbols that offer more than a generous reward when they land on your reels. Try and accumulate as many of them as you can. Then keep your eye out for a variety of bonus symbols that may just take you closer to the jackpot.

Playing the game is as easy as they come. You can even select the automated spin option, if you want to relax and let the machine do its thing.

One thing you will observe with the game is that the more money you invest, the more you get in return. For instance, if you put in €5, you may end up receiving no more than €50, which is not a bad return in itself. On the other hand, increase the amount to €10, and you may end up winning €150, if not more.

Betting Options
Call of the Colosseum presents a variety of options for you to wisely spend your money. Each spin allows a minimum of 10 cents right on up to €50. The range may seem a bit constricted for the high rollers, but for the majority, it represents an ideal selection to get a taste of the game first, if they want to, and then invest more if they so choose.

Special Functions
The game is centred round free spins. The more free spins you land, the better chances you have of striking the jackpot. Three or more scatter symbols will set the ball rolling with 10 free spins. The good news is that this can go on and on up to a 100 free spins, not to mention the multipliers and bonuses along the way. Even the jackpot gets a boost with a 2x multiplier during the free spins.

Then you have the high value scatter symbols that can form any win combination independent of the fixed paylines. This should be your focus when you play the video slot. Scatters make it easy to catch the big rewards.

Ancient Rome is brought back to life with dazzling visuals and the sounds of battle that must have echoed in the colosseum.

Call of the Colosseum is an entertaining and rewarding slot with a medium variation. What this means is that you will win medium rewards more frequently, with the higher rewards a bit more difficult to come by.

Enjoy The Gold Rush In California Gold

It is time to head back to the good ol’ West and scrounge for some gold in true California style. The good news is that you can do all of that right from the comfort of your computer. That is the beauty of the California Gold video slot. There is, however, one slight difference. Back in the day, you were not certain that you would find any gold. With this video slot, there is more than a good chance that you will walk away with your pockets filled with the precious ore.

How To Play
This gold rush-inspired slot allows you to wage your bets across 5 reels and 25 paylines. You can choose a particular amount you want to invest and then let the machine take over. If the stars are shining on you there are some cool rewards to be pocketed.

The game play is pretty simple. You bet, spin the reels, and keep your fingers crossed. There are a number of high value symbols that you can discover as you play the game.

The video slot has an option where you can manually spin every round, or if you are feeling really lucky, opt for the automated spin option. The machine will then spin the rounds as you take it nice and easy.

Betting Options
The options here pretty much represent how it was back in the good ol’ West. You can either play it safe by choosing a minimal bet amount, or risk it all and hope to win it all back and more. You can start as low as 1 cent per round, which is like saying that you will be in California for a single day and hope to strike it rich. You could also go as high as €250 per round, which would be similar to relocating and waging your future on the gold you find. The video slot allows for the conservative and the risky to co-exist.

Special Functions
With California Gold, all the focus and attention is on striking it rich. And the slot duly obliges. The money rush begins with free spins that offer much more. Land three gold nuggets to activate them and any prize you win comes with a 3x multiplier. What this means is that any win is multiplied three times. You have 10 chances of truly capitalizing on your bet amount and your luck.

Since it is the gold rush, the slot would be incomplete without the miner making an appearance. The icon appears on the second, third, and fourth reels in the form of Wilds. It replaces the other icons on the reels and awards you a 2x multiplier as well. Land three of them on reel three and the icon will go about unearthing gold coins right from the reels. The coins are then translated into your casino balance.

The gold rush theme is brought to life with a certain visual flourish that is both entertaining and interesting.

This online slot promises and delivers on its gold rush.